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I'm Justine Braby

I have worked in economic transformation and sustainable development at a local, national and global scale. I bring a unique perspective on how to make vision a reality. By focusing on changing the structure of how society works, we can create a thriving community while avoiding the destruction of the things it depends on for survival. 


I enjoy being involved at all levels, whether its getting my hands in the dirt with farmers, facilitating games and workshops, mentoring upcoming community leaders, speaking with the media or advising high level Government officials. We all have a role to play. We all have power. I see my role is to lift others onto their paths by supporting and advising the projects that will take us towards a utopian society.


My goal is to help drive our community through action. Some of this action is through personal choices we make in life (like changing what we consume, put in and on our bodies and into the system that gives us life), and other action is through providing inspiration, strategy and implementation to ideas that will take communities to sustainable living and change the world.


From Poverty to Prosperity: Understanding Economic Development, OxfordX Online Course (2017)

Depth Leadership and Facilitation Certificate, Depth Leadership Trust (2017)

Training Certificate in the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, GIZ and Government of Namibia (2011)

PhD in Zoology, University of Cape Town (2011)

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Law, University of Cape Town (2007)

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Senior Phase and Further Education), University of Cape Town (2005)

Bachelor of Science, University of Cape Town (2004)

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